Seth Roberts

It is with a very heavy heart that I share the news of Seth Roberts’s passing.

As many of you probably know, Seth was an early champion of this blog and was very encouraging of the ideas contained in it. Had it not been for Seth, I might not have continued past the first few posts. In fact I sometimes found myself writing posts imagining Seth to be the entire audience.

I only got to know Seth personally at the beginning of this year, but we struck up a friendship by email and Skype very quickly. We emailed frequently, often daily, and were deep into a writing project together. Sadly that won’t reach completion now.

We never met in person, but planned to soon given that we both had roots in California. I’m very sad that we won’t be able to. You’d think that only knowing someone via the Internet and not having met in person makes it easier to deal with their passing, but in reality it’s quite difficult, because there’s no one else to share the sadness and grief with.

The deep sense of loss I feel is one for the world. Seth had an extremely unique perspective on very big and important ideas. He said things no one else was saying, and understood things in a way no one else did. The commonality we found on ideas about human health, personal science, innovation, and societal progress is one that I’m not sure I will find again. The phrase “Yes, I agree with that” was probably a part of every exchange we had. Losing the only person who you feel understood certain ideas is very difficult, and the importance of keeping those ideas alive is now felt very acutely.

Learning about his passing late last night made for a horrible night of sleep — one that none of Seth’s discoveries could have made better. Rest in peace, Seth. I will do my best to advance the ideas we found so much agreement on, in some small way.

— Shant


28 thoughts on “Seth Roberts

  1. When i read his sisters post i could not believe it. may he rest in peace. Great scientist. I hope it was not one of his experiments that affected his health…

  2. Thanks, Shant. I feel much the same way. I didn’t know him all that well personally, but it was clear he made time for everyone and was one of those special people that immediately and seemingly effortlessly gets others to find and deliver their best.

    I can’t help wondering about his O3 intake. That my not so little guest post on O3 was the last thing he posted to his blog has me feeling weird, for lack of a better word. I hope the web site gets restored. He had a tremendous amount of unique and useful content.

    He is certainly going to be missed.

    • It will be used by some to discredit the self-experimentation movement and approach. A couple of people have already asked on his blog what the cause of death was, and possibly connected that to large intake of Omega-3 FAs. It’s poor taste to be bringing that up to his sister at this time, but I’m sure Seth would not find the question out of line…

  3. So sad indeed. I loved reading his blog and he advanced so many novel ideas for self improvement. People will wonder whether his eating half a stick of butter everyday or so much omega 3 had anything to do with his death.

  4. Shant this is one of those instances that to Like is completely misplaced, but I like that you shared it. Seth has meant a lot to a lot of people. Maybe it is because of the sort of blogs that I am frequenting, but I can hardly think of one where there was not a reference to Seth. I guess we are all left with : what happened? Accidents do happen, but people don’t just collapse.

  5. It was through Seth’s blog that I first came to yours and it was through your blog that I learned of Seth’s passing. I share your sadness and sense of loss.

    I greatly admired Seth’s mind and generous spirit. I’m a better educated person for taking the time to read and consider the ideas, reasoning and criticisms put forth on Seth’s blog and will deeply miss his perspective as we continue on without him.

    I’m grateful his interest in your ideas encouraged you to continue Mr. Heisenbug. As Sarah said, Seth’s linking to this blog is just one of the many valuable gifts he offered his readership over the years.

  6. Shant,
    I was also a reader of Seth’s blog and found yours though his. It’s a big big loss.
    Keep the faith though. You have taken a big swing yourself. I’ve cured some bad skin from one post, passed your helpful blog to many people and the community is growing. Seth planted a lot of seeds, through ideas and encouragement.
    I think we can all honor that.


  7. Shant,
    I am so shocked and saddened. Please do keep up the good work. A lot of us were aligned with Seth…and while we can’t think like him, maybe your readers can be there to help you bounce ideas off of.

  8. I’ve been reading Seth’s stuff for a long time, got to correspond with him, and meet him. Others have written more moving and eloquent than I possibly could, so I only want to say, “God Bless you Seth”. I agree with Nicole- time for all of us to step up to the plate.

  9. My condolences. I am another one of many who did not know Seth personally, but avidly followed his blog and was stunned by his sudden passing.

    Please, blog on!

  10. Bug come back. We need your honest enthusiasm and laser beam focus to interpret microbiome research. Seth helped you find your path. His work lives through your work.

  11. Shant,

    I really hope that you will continue to blog here. For that matter, I hope that you’ll try to complete whatever was in the works with Seth Roberts. Obviously, it will not be the same as it would be have been with his input, but it will still be something valuable (Heck, I’d pre-order this minute without knowing the topic or title!)

  12. Really, really miss your posts, Heisenbug. There is simply nothing else like what you were doing (no posts anywhere that I looked forward to as much, not even close). What else can I say but that it is a shame and a huge loss if you don’t continue, you and your work are missed.

  13. Dear Mr. Heisenbug:

    I’m not finding any contact address of yours, so I’ll write here.

    I’d like to ask for your permission to translate into spanish some text fragments appearing in your blog. I´m building a webpage with information about prebiotics and probiotics as well as a shop where to purchase these difficult to find items in Spain. I’d of course always mention the source of the information.

    Thank you very much for all your work done and shared in this field. Please continue doing so.
    Warm regards from Spain.

    Manuel Mirón.

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