My name is Shant Mesrobian. This blog is a hobby. If I were feeling a little grandiose, I’d say this blog is an experiment in citizen science and journalism. I think with the right tools — personal observation, self experimentation, and access to scientific research — ordinary people can make significant contributions to science and our understanding of health and disease. In fact, I think they can often be in a better position to make important discoveries than many experts.

While the main subject of this blog is the human microbiome, my chief interest lies in chronic disease — and specifically society’s failure to address it appropriately. I consider the microbiome a good lens through which to view this problem, as well as the many other related lines of inquiry into this general idea. Which is to say that I may deviate now and then into seemingly unrelated territory.

Please feel free to engage in the discussion. Questions, comments, personal experiences & observations are welcome and encouraged.

Twitter: @ShantMM

Email: heisenbug@outlook.com


This blog is dedicated to Seth Roberts.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. I have been very sick due to a stomach infection and CT scan with Iodine contrast, which destroyed my Thyroid. I am amazed that you, Mr. Heisenbug knows more about my body than my doctors. But really, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. When will we see your next post?

  2. Whether you post again or not, thank you very kindly for the existing content which I’m really enjoying reading and learning from. I like your style, humour and the content is educational too! I do of course hope that you’ll post, if it fits in with your situation, demands and interests 🙂

  3. I think I have read this entire blog and I still reference it frequently as I dive into my own n=1 microbiome experiments. Thank you for your sage and logical insights and punchy writing. I hope you will post again someday! All the best.

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